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Canyoning in Wales: The Ultimate Adventure

Waterfall Canyoning Wales

£50 per person
Discounts are available for group bookings. Minimum booking price £150.

Canyoning in Wales Pricing

Canyoning or Canyoneering, is the act of travelling down a natural steep sided gorge that has been carved out through the action of water. To navigate down the Gorge participants will use a variety of techniques including, abseiling, climbing, sliding and jumping.

Why Go Canyoning in Wales?

In South Wales we have access to some brilliant rivers, Canyons and Gorges. Which provides some of the best Canyoning experiences in the UK. Our rivers and Gorges are local to us situated on the edge of the Brecon Beacons and are easily accessible from Swansea and Cardiff.

Ty Coppi Adventures Canyoning In Wales Tours Overview

  • Climbing through and under waterfalls.

  • Jumping off water falls up to 8 Meters high.

  • Sliding down rapids and rock slides.

  • Scrambling over boulders and up waterfalls.

  • Exploring the beautiful waterfall country.

What can you expect on a Canyoning Tour at Ty Coppi Adventures?

Our Canyoning experiences last around 4 hours and can begin at a time that suits your schedule. We can recommend the best time to visit the river to ensure you get the best experience. 
Groups will meet their instructor at the start point for the Canyoning experience, which is located near Pontneddfechan. The start point is around 45 minutes from Cardiff and 30 minutes from Swansea. We send you a google maps link to the meeting point when confirming your booking.
Your instructors will kit you up in warm winter wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids.
You will then be given a safety brief and then the action begins. All of our instructors are experienced and qualified white water operators and hold your safety and enjoyment in the highest regard.

Can I take photos when canyoning in Wales?

You can leave your camera at home, our guides will bring a camera and make sure they document the action and share the pictures and videos with you at the end of the day.

Who is Canyoning in Wales suitable for?

It is suitable for just about anyone. We do however have a minimum age limit of 14 years old. For younger children we recommend our Gorge walking activity.

All the challenges in the river are avoidable so whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking to jump off some big waterfalls or someone who is looking for a slightly tamer experience this is the activity for you.
Canyoning is a relatively physically demanding activity but does not require high levels of fitness, the activity can be completed by most at a steady pace.
You don’t need to be a strong swimmer, most people with a basic swimming ability will have no problem taking part in the activity.
Canyoning is suitable for a wide range of groups from families to stag groups. It is a very popular activity with stag/hen groups as it makes for a brilliant and exciting excursion to do during the day.
It is also very popular with people looking to explore Wales from a different perspective and have an unforgettable experience. You get to experience the sights of spectacular waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons from a truly unique perspective.
Canyoning is certainly one of our more popular activities as it offers so much excitement whilst being accessible for most abilities


Custom Canyoning experience

Here at Ty Coppi Adventures we tailor all our experiences to suit our clients and no one trip is the same if you have any special requirements or needs please let us know.

What do I need to bring for a Canyoning day in Wales?

There is only a few items of clothing that we need you to bring for Canyoning trip to Wales.
Swimwear. We ask that you put the swimwear on under your clothes this makes changing into the wetsuits easier at the start of the activity.
Towel for changing and drying off after the activity.
Walking boots or trainers that lace up, for wearing in the river.
A pair of shorts to wear over the wetsuit. This allows us to take on some brilliant slides when in the water.

Safety when Canyoning in Wales

Expert guides when Canyoning in Wales

When Canyoning in Wales it is important to employ a guide with expert knowledge of the area as well as the proper accreditation to run the activity. All of our guides are white water safety qualified and first aid trained. 

Canyoning Equipment

When Canyoning it is important to use properly maintained equipment such as helmets and buoyancy aids. At Ty Coppi adventures we provide equipment maintained to the highest standards. 

Weather conditions when Canyoning

Rainfall can drastically effect a Canyoning trip and river levels. We ensure our trips are only undertaken if it is safe to do so, however we very rarely need to cancel a trip due to bad weather. In such an event we would offer an alternative activity or a full refund. 

Canyoning Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency all of our guides are first aid trained and have extensive knowledge of the area. They will carry with them all the relevant equipment to deal with any eventuality, such as first aid kits, warm clothes and communication devices. 

Visitor’s Responsibility

We ask all of our participants to be mindful of their own safety and follow instructions from our guides as best they can. We ask them to be aware of their own limitations and to only participate in what they feel comfortable with. We operate a challenge by choice policy. Which means all of our participants can opt out of the activity at any point.

How Much Does Canyoning in Wales Cost?

Canyoning in the Brecon beacons costs £50 per person and we offer discounts for group bookings.
Please enquire for details on discounts.

Other Activities By Ty-Coppi Outdoor Adventures

Gorge Walking -  £50 per person

E-Biking -  £75 per person for a 4 hour session or £50 per person for a 2 hour session

Rock Climbing - £50 per person for a 4 hour session

Mountain Bike Coaching Session -  £35 per person per hour (with a minimum of two hours)

Learn to Lead Climb  -  £100 per person with a maximum of 2 people

Excited to go Canyoning in Wales?

Canyoning in the Brecon Beacons is an exciting and memorable way to experience the natural beauty of Wales. With its stunning waterfalls, rugged terrain, and breathtaking views, canyoning offers a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, explore hidden caves, and jump into natural plunge pools. 
So what are you waiting for? Book your canyoning in Wales adventure with Tycoppi Adventures today and get ready for a thrilling outdoor experience that you'll never forget!

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