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Alpacas of Ty Coppi

Meet the pac: Tupaca, Chewpaca, Alpaco-Rabanne, Alpacasso & Alpacacino. Whether you are looking for a peaceful morning in nature surrounded by animals or a magical experience with Fairies and Unicorns we have the package for you.
We offer private experiences tailored to your needs - Alpaca Walks with your family and friends through our private woodland where you can spot a fairy house or two along the way, The Alpaca Encounter Experience for those looking for a more relaxed visit. Cream Tea with alpacas, Unicorn Parties, Alpaca Walking Parties, Hen Parties, Wedding Visits and Yoga with alpacas - we do it all.

Alpaca Walking near me on Alpaca Farm.jpeg

Spent a fabulous afternoon with the baby Alpacas! Brier was amazing and was so lovely but also so knowledgable and the animals are incredibly well looked after and loved. Highly recommend a visit here and we would love to do it all again! Thankyou!

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